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Brock Edward Lesnar was born on July 12, 1977 in Webster, South Dakota. He was an accomplished amateur wrestler, finishing his amateur career as a two-time NJCAA All-American, 1998 NJCAA Heavyweight Champion, two-time NCAA All-American, two-time Big Ten Conference Champion, and the 2000 NCAA heavyweight champion with a record of 106–5 overall in four years of college. Brock then gained prominence in WWE, where he was a three-time WWE Champion. After leaving WWE in 2004, Lesnar pursued a career in the NFL. He played during the preseason for the Minnesota Vikings. Lesnar returned to professional wrestling at the end of 2005, and joined New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. In 2007 Brock started a career in Mixed Martial Arts and won the  Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship. In december of 2011 Brock announced his retirement from the sport. He returned to WWE in april 2012.

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Archive for December 2014
Posted by: mickey
Date: December 31st
Categories: Full Media Updates

Guest hosts Edge & Christian are in the ring. Brock Lesnar’s music interrupts and he comes to the ring with Paul Heyman. Brock bounces before entering the ring.

Paul Heyman introduces himself and he greets the Peeps and Edgeheads. Paul says that he cannot help but wonder why a man with a broken neck who can never wrestle again and a man with far too many concussions to ever wrestle again would swim in the shark infested waters that are infested by the biggest unmerciful predator in the WWE Universe . . . the reigning, defending, Undisputed Champion of the World . . . BROCK LESNAR. Paul tells them to make a move.

Paul says one bad hit or smack across the face and both of you could end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your lives. Paul says his client has no desire to break the neck or end the career of two men whose careers are over. His client is a conqueror who wants to break the virgin neck of someone whose neck is more newsworthy. Someone like John Cena.

John Cena interrupts and he makes his way to the ring. The crowd throws out their dueling chants for John Cena while we wait for someone to say something.

John says the only reason he won’t knock Brock clean into 2015 is that he doesn’t want Brock to limp into their match at Royal Rumble. John says that he will take the title from Brock’s shoulder at The Royal Rumble. John has a gift for Paul and he grabs him, but Brock goes after Cena. Cena gets Brock on his shoulders but Brock gets to the mat and he goes to the floor.

Cena is ready for a fight, but Brock is only ready to hold his title belt above his head as he walks to the back with Paul. [credit:]

At the end of the show Lesnar reappears on stage for a minute or two to celebrate the comeback of the Authority. It looked like he didn’t care much though.

Posted by: Suzi
Date: December 30th
Categories: News

The fast-food restaurant chain Hardee’s posted an ad featuring Brock for one of their burgers on youtube. Jimmy John’s won’t like that..

Posted by: Suzi
Date: December 29th
Categories: Updates

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross shares his thoughts if many guys can do pro-wrestling & MMA & be successful at both:

There are only a few guys that can do both. There is such a small, minute, minuscule percentage of guys that can be great sports entertainers for WWE and go be a legit mainstream sports star in an MMA environment. I could see guys in MMA, whose shelf life there have expired and have a good personality, they might be able to train in pro wrestling and get the last mileage out of their bodies.

I don’t know – I just don’t see it going back and forth that much. The unique skillset to do both chores is very rare. VERY rare. Lesnar came out of college as a specially gifted athlete in the basic fundamentals that you have to have in MMA. He was a national champion wrestler. He was very special in that regard. I don’t even think CM Punk went to college. He doesn’t have that background. We don’t know if CM Punk is going to be healthy and make it through his first training camp. If he does that, we don’t know if he’s going to be successful in his first fight. I hope he is. I’m a fan of his. I like the guy. There’s nothing guaranteed. Lesnar brought you some more sense of stability because he’d already done it on a real level in Division 1. He was the best in the land at it. I just don’t think there’s enough people that have the same skillset.

Posted by: Suzi
Date: December 20th
Categories: Updates

Bobby Lashley spoke with the “RingRustRadio” and was asked how he’d think he’d do in an MMA fight vs Brock:

Q: There’s recently been some talk about Bellator potentially making a play for Brock Lesnar when he becomes a free agent. If that comes to fruition would you be interested in stepping into the Octagon with Brock? And how do you think you’d fare against him?

Lashley: Yes. Hell yea I would. I’m not one of those arrogant guys that goes around saying I would kick his ass or start trash talking online or anything like that. I’m one of the guys that understands what this business is about and it’s about money. Any fighter at the end of the day that says it’s not about the money is ridiculous. We wouldn’t be training this hard, putting our bodies on the line, and torturing our bodies if there wasn’t a payday at the end of the day. With that being said, if Brock does sign over with Bellator I think one of the biggest fights he could have is me. It’s not a case of this is going to be the greatest fight it’s because we have so many similarities. The crazy part is I have never even come face to face with Brock. I don’t know him and I have never met him. We just have always had a lot of comparison so this time give the fans what they want. Brock and I would beat each other up pretty bad but we will walk away very financially healthy. As far as who would win, of course I’m going to say myself. I wouldn’t take the fight if I thought I was going to go out there and get crushed. Our styles match and we wouldn’t over do the other person since we have the same styles. It would be a very strategic match and I like the match up.

Posted by: Suzi
Date: December 20th
Categories: Updates

Brock saw a sports medicine doctor earlier today in Minnesota. I’ve no idea why because he seemed to be alright after Raw. Maybe just a routine checkup.

Posted by: Suzi
Date: December 18th
Categories: Updates
Posted by: mickey
Date: December 17th
Categories: Full Media Updates

Posted by: Suzi
Date: December 16th
Categories: Updates

At the beginning of RAW today’s GM Chris Jericho made a match between himself & Paul Heyman. Right before the match was about to begin Heyman reveals to Jericho that he has to fight Brock Lesnar instead of Heyman.

Chris Jericho versus Paul Heyman (played by Brock Lesnar) in a Street Fight

Brock walks around the ring and then he does the Brock Bounce before leaping to the apron.Jericho with a forearm and Brock blocks a Codebreaker and Brock with an F-5. Brock and Paul leave the ring and go to the back.

Later during the main event…

John Cena vs Seth Rollins in a Steel Cage

After some minutes of wrestling… The cage door is open and Brock Lesnar’s music plays.

Brock has his title belt and Paul Heyman with him as he walks to the ring.

Lesnar enters the cage and he looks at both men but his focus is on John Cena. Brock with a German suplex and he holds on for a second one. Brock with a third German suplex to Cena. Rollins sees that Lesnar is in the ring while Brock hits an F-5 on Cena. Rollins gets to his feet and Brock lets Rollins finish Cena. Paul offers his hand to Rollins and he tells Seth to trust him. They shake hands and Brock and Paul leave the cage.

Rollins sits on the turnbuckles as he waits for Cena to get up. Rollins hits Black Out and then Seth picks up his briefcase and he limps to the ropes. He goes through the ropes while Joey and Jamie cheer him on. Seth makes it to the floor to win the match. [credit: PWInsider]

Posted by: Suzi
Date: December 16th
Categories: Updates

It looks like WWE is expecting Brock to leave the company in march 2015. They told their suppliers not to produce any new merchandise for Lesnar which strongly indicates he’s done with pro-wrestling and maybe returning to MMA. It has been reported before that UFC & Bellator are very interested in signing him and those are probably not the only offers on his table.

WWE released a new shirt for Brock’s fans today which very well could be his last WWE merch (click on the picture below):



A few hours after I wrote the update above a WWE spokesman said that the reports about WWE not producing more merch for Brock are false.

Posted by: Suzi
Date: December 15th
Categories: News