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Brock Lesnar
Brock Edward Lesnar was born on July 12, 1977 in Webster, South Dakota. He was an accomplished amateur wrestler, finishing his amateur career as a two-time NJCAA All-American, 1998 NJCAA Heavyweight Champion, two-time NCAA All-American, two-time Big Ten Conference Champion, and the 2000 NCAA heavyweight champion with a record of 106–5 overall in four years of college. Brock then gained prominence in WWE, where he was a three-time WWE Champion. After leaving WWE in 2004, Lesnar pursued a career in the NFL. He played during the preseason for the Minnesota Vikings. Lesnar returned to professional wrestling at the end of 2005, and joined New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. In 2007 Brock started a career in Mixed Martial Arts and won the  Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship. In december of 2011 Brock announced his retirement from the sport. He returned to WWE in april 2012.

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Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring. Heyman introduces his client, as only he can. Heyman says he is here to hype you on the fact that this Sunday you will have the opportunity to see a once in a lifetime athlete. No one in the back could hope to reach the heights Lesnar can. In any case there is always one outlier. That one fool. That one lunatic that thinks he can beat someone like Lesnar. Heyman says he will give Dean Ambrose all the credit in the world. Ambrose is smart. Ambrose thinks that by making this a no holds barred street fight he has a chance. This is not a prediction, this is a spoiler, Brock Lesnar will win at WrestleMania.

Ambrose comes out pulling a large red wagon. Ambrose lifts up the ring skirt and pulls a ton of different weapons and puts them in the cart. Ambrose doesn’t look at Lesnar once. Ambrose is about to leave, but he comes back and takes the top half of the steel ring steps with him as well. [credit:]

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Date: March 29th
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[credit: ESPN; BrockLesnarTheConqueror]

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Brock is scheduled to appear on ESPN’s Sportscenter next monday, march 28th (8:45am & 10:30am ET).


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Date: March 25th
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Heralded by his always outspoken advocate Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar returned to SmackDown, poised to go head-to-head with Dean Ambrose in a No Holds Barred Street Fight at WrestleMania. But when Heyman called out The Lunatic Fringe to battle The Beast right there and then, The Wyatt Family instead made a surprise appearance to reopen its own conflict with The Conqueror.

As they surrounded the ring, though, Ambrose emerged, with a Kendo stick in hand. As he disposed of an advancing Luke Harper, Lesnar took both Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan to Suplex City. Ambrose charged into the ring and engaged Lesnar with this week’s weapon of choice. But the dominate Beast brushed off his adversary’s assault as if it were nothing and delivered a devastating F-5 to his WrestleMania opponent.[]

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Date: March 24th
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WrestleMania 32: Lesnar vs Ambrose in a No Holds Barred Street Fight

Dean Ambrose wanted a fight, and he’ll get his wish when he faces Brock Lesnar with No Holds Barred.

Brock Lesnar has built a legacy out of conquering the competition, but at WrestleMania, he’ll face a Superstar who won’t run from a brawl when he battles Dean Ambrose in a No Holds Barred Match.

Considering the punishment Lesnar delivered to Ambrose in recent weeks, the unstable brawler would have to be a lunatic to want a match against the destructive competitor.

But after Lesnar brutally attacked Ambrose in the parking lot before the Feb. 22 Raw, driving him through a car windshield and sending him to the hospital, Ambrose wanted to get even.

He commandeered an ambulance and returned to Raw to call out The Beast. Lesnar kicked him in the stomach and shrugged off the confrontation at first, but then Ambrose caught Lesnar and Heyman’s interest by asking for a No Holds Barred Match at WrestleMania.

Ambrose has earned a reputation for being one of the most resilient Superstars of all time, fighting through some of WWE’s most vicious matches. Pain won’t stop Ambrose, so long as his opponent suffers it a little bit more.

At WrestleMania on April 3, though, he’ll face arguably the most punishing Superstar in sports-entertainment history. The Conqueror is not a clever nickname; it’s a warning of what to expect when Lesnar steps between the ropes. He hands out German suplexes to opponents like candy on Halloween.

Boosting Ambrose’s chances are the equalizer he will likely carry with him into AT&T Stadium on April 3. The WWE Universe witnessed WWE Hall of Famer and Mick Foley pass the torch of “Barbie” — the infamous barbed wire baseball bat Foley wielded in many a hardcore conflict — on the March 14 edition of Raw. Could The Hardcore Legend’s hand-me-down make all the difference when The Lunatic Fringe faces Paul Heyman’s 6-foot-3, 286-pound world-beater?

Dean Ambrose caught Brock Lesnar’s attention, but will he come to regret it? Find out at WrestleMania, live April 3 on WWE Network at 7 ET/4 PT. [credit:]

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Date: March 18th
Categories: News interviewed Paul Heyman this week. Below are highlights of what Heyman said about Brock. To read the full interview click here.

Q: What is it like being the advocate for Brock Lesnar in this current run with WWE where he has taken on this larger-than-life persona and become a special attraction every time he gets in the ring?

Heyman: There’s nothing different about being with Brock Lesnar day-to-day now than it was 14 years ago when we were first together in WWE except we’re both a little older and wiser and we both have more children than we did 14 years ago when we started together on television. Besides that there’s nothing really different about that man. His values are the same, his interests are the same, his desire and drive and ambition is the same. And his desire to be left alone by the world is the same except now he truly has the resources to ensure he gets left alone by the world.

The run we’re having now to me is based on the credibility that comes along with the fact that when he left WWE he didn’t just go do odds and ends, he became the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world, knocking out Randy Couture and going on to becoming a three-time defending undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship of the world. He didn’t knock out some schlub, he didn’t knock out an interim champion, or someone who just fell into the division without a lot of competition – he knocked out Randy freaking Couture. Along with that comes an awful lot of credibility and with that comes authenticity and legitimacy that WWE can then exploit. So when we come into this run, you don’t have to imagine “wow, what would happen if this guy fought in UFC?” You know what would happen if he fought in UFC – he would take over the heavyweight division like he did. Now WWE fans have bragging rights, that’s the baddest dude on the face of the planet.

Q: Throughout your career you’ve been involved with so many people throughout WCW, ECW, WWE – who’s the most underrated superstar that you’ve worked with?

Heyman: This will sound like a lot of hype but my answer is Brock Lesnar and I’ll actually justify that. When people say the greatest in-ring performer of all-time is Ric Flair, or some people say the greatest in-ring performer of all-time is Shawn Michaels, I do not agree with them. I don’t think they bring the legitimacy Brock Lesnar brings, I don’t think they’re able to do the things Brock Lesnar is able to do. I think Brock Lesnar is the most underrated, under-appreciated performer in the history of WWE, pro wrestling, or sports entertainment.

I don’t think people understand the level of performance he brings, I don’t think people understand just how great Brock Lesnar is. I think we’re only scratching the surface in demonstrating what his abilities are. I think Brock Lesnar can do anything. I think Brock Lesnar can just stand there and make people mesmerized by his presence as evidenced by the fact that most of the time we’re on television that’s what he does – he just has to stand there! And people are in awe of him.

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Date: March 18th
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