June 12: WWE RAW in Lafayette, LA
June 26: WWE RAW in Los Angeles, CA
July 3: WWE RAW in Phoenix, AZ
July 9: WWE Great Balls of Fire in Dallas, TX
July 10: WWE RAW in Houston,TX
Aug 20: WWE Summerslam in Brooklyn, NY
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Brock Edward Lesnar was born on July 12, 1977 in Webster, South Dakota. He was an accomplished amateur wrestler, finishing his amateur career as a two-time NJCAA All-American, 1998 NJCAA Heavyweight Champion, two-time NCAA All-American, two-time Big Ten Conference Champion, and the 2000 NCAA heavyweight champion with a record of 106–5 overall in four years of college. Brock then gained prominence in WWE, where he was a three-time WWE Champion. After leaving WWE in 2004, Lesnar pursued a career in the NFL. He played during the preseason for the Minnesota Vikings. Lesnar returned to professional wrestling at the end of 2005, and joined New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. In 2007 Brock started a career in Mixed Martial Arts and won the  Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship. In december of 2011 Brock announced his retirement from the sport. He returned to WWE in april 2012.

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Archive for July 2016

Posted by: Suzi
Date: July 27th
Categories: Updates

Brock’s (current) schedule for august:

Aug 1: RAW in Atlanta, GA
Aug 15: RAW in Corpus Christi, TX
Aug 21: Summerslam in Brooklyn

Posted by: Suzi
Date: July 27th
Categories: Updates

Following the media publicity that Brock Lesnar generated for his UFC 200 victory over Mark Hunt, WWE had planned for Brock Lesnar to the the first draft pick for RAW, according to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer. He noted that while it’s not definite that it was always the plan, it was the plan last week.

Meltzer added that Dean Ambrose was scheduled to be the next pick for SmackDown, followed by Seth Rollins for RAW and then Cena for SmackDown.

Posted by: Suzi
Date: July 21st
Categories: Updates


Lesnar also failed an in-competition drug test at UFC 200, the UFC announced Tuesday afternoon. It was previously announced Friday that Lesnar had failed an out-of-competition drug test from a June 28 sample taken by USADA, the UFC’s anti-doping partner.

Lesnar failed both tests for the same banned substance, the UFC release stated. USADA has yet to reveal the name of the drug and won’t unless Lesnar makes it public first himself.

This positive drug test will likely be lumped into the previous one as a single potential anti-doping violation. According to the UFC’s anti-doping policy, two positive tests could be considered aggravating circumstances, which could lead to further sanctioning. In-competition is considered the 12-hour window before and after a fight.

Lesnar, 39, is facing at least a two-year ban from the UFC, but will get a full adjudication process first from USADA. The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) also has jurisdiction in both cases, so Lesnar is likely to get sanctioned by both bodies.

Last week, USADA confirmed that Lesnar had passed multiple drug tests before failing the one from a June 28 sample. Lesnar was tested eight times in total in the month leading up to UFC 200. He passed the first five tests and now failed at least two of the last three.

Posted by: Suzi
Date: July 21st
Categories: Updates

Via Associated Press

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has been notified of a potential violation of the promotion’s anti-doping policy from an out-of-competition drug test administered June 28.

Lesnar is among the most popular athletes in both mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. He beat Mark Hunt by decision at UFC 200 in Las Vegas last weekend, handily winning his first MMA fight in nearly five years.

“We will get to the bottom of this,” Lesnar said Friday in a statement provided exclusively to The Associated Press.

The AP also obtained copies of three letters from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to Lesnar, informing the fighter that he had passed tests on three samples submitted over a nine-day period in mid-June, mere days before the sample with the potential violation was collected.

Lesnar, who turned 39 this week, has been rigorously drug-tested since announcing his return to UFC competition last month. USADA typically requires an athlete to submit to testing for four months before a UFC competition, but Lesnar was allowed to be tested in a shorter window because of the short time between his announced comeback in June and his return fight in early July.

USADA, which administers the UFC’s doping policy, received Lesnar’s test results Thursday evening from the WADA-accredited laboratory at UCLA. The test wasn’t processed in time to potentially endanger his participation in UFC 200 on July 9.

Interim light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was pulled from the main event of UFC 200 three days before his bout when he also received notice of a potential anti-doping violation. Jones and his camp have denied the allegations and raised concerns about the possibility of a tainted nutritional supplement causing the failure.

USADA, the UFC and Lesnar all declined to specify the substance which raised concerns.

Lesnar is still under contract to the WWE, most recently appearing in its ring April 3, but was given permission to return to the UFC for one fight. He had been scheduled to perform again for the WWE at SummerSlam on Aug. 21, wrestling Randy Orton.

The WWE also issued a statement Friday night: “Brock Lesnar has not performed for WWE since WrestleMania and is not scheduled to return until Sunday, August 21.”

The WWE also drug-tests its performers under a wellness policy. The company suspended star Joe Anoa’i, who performs under the name Roman Reigns, for 30 days last month for his first violation of the policy.

The UFC noted that Lesnar will have a legal review process before sanctions are imposed by the promotion or the Nevada Athletic Commission, which has jurisdiction because the out-of-competition test was performed close to UFC 200.

Lesnar made a UFC-record $2.5 million guaranteed purse for his first bout since late 2011, returning to the sport where set pay-per-view sales records while winning and losing the heavyweight title during a meteoric MMA career. He endured serious health problems before his hiatus from MMA, including a dangerous bout of diverticulitis.

Lesnar is a powerful, multitalented athlete who excelled in collegiate wrestling and tried out for the Minnesota Vikings before pursuing dual career in MMA and the WWE. After beating Hunt with his superior wrestling, Lesnar suggested he might be interested in another UFC fight.

When asked about performance-enhancing drugs in the weeks before his comeback fight, Lesnar memorably said: “I’m a white boy and I’m jacked. Deal with it.”

Posted by: mickey
Date: July 17th
Categories: Updates

WrestlingDVDNetwork revealed the cover for the upcoming (US release: Oct 11 / Europe release: Oct 17) “Eat-Sleep-Conquer-Repeat”- DVD. Take a look:



Disc 1:

*Nuts and Bolts
*Brock Lesnar & Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Michaels & Sean Casey
OVW • October 14, 2000
*Friend and Mentor
*Non-Televised Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Mr. Perfect
RAW • January 28, 2002
*# 1 Guy
*Brock Lesnar vs. Rob Van Dam
RAW • June 24, 2002
*THE Big Thing
*WWE Championship Match
Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar
SummerSlam • August 24, 2003
*My Shoes
*First Ever Biker Chain Match
Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
No Mercy • October 19, 2003

Disc 2:

*No Respect
*The Perfect Storm
Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
SummerSlam • August 19, 2012
*Steel Cage Match
Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
Extreme Rules • May 19, 2013
*Utter Freakin’ Chaos
*“The Best” vs. “The Beast” in a No Disqualification Match
CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar
SummerSlam • August 18, 2013
*The Body
*Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
WrestleMania XXX • April 6, 2014

Disc 3:

*WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar
SummerSlam • August 17, 2014
*Wrecking Machine
*Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins
Royal Rumble • January 25, 2015
*“I Don’t Like People”
*WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns
WrestleMania • March 29, 2015
*WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar
Battleground • July 19, 2015
*No Sentimental Value
*Hell in a Cell Match
Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
Hell in a Cell • October 25, 2015
*One Bad SOB

Posted by: Suzi
Date: July 15th
Categories: Updates


Brock Lesnar may never fight again, but for the time being he remains a member of the UFC roster.

The former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE star is still under contract with the UFC, even after his victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 last weekend, UFC officials confirmed with MMA Fighting.

That means Lesnar will continue to be drug tested by USADA as part of the UFC’s anti-doping policy, USADA spokesperson Ryan Madden said. He’ll continue to be tested until he informs USADA that he is retired from UFC competition.

Posted by: Suzi
Date: July 14th
Categories: Updates

This includes Pre Presser, Live Q&A, Weigh In, Fight, and Post Presser

UFC 200 Event Caps





Posted by: mickey
Date: July 12th
Categories: Full Media Updates

Watch the UFC 200 post-fight press conference below: Brock starts with a solo q&a, which last 10 min.

Posted by: mickey
Date: July 10th
Categories: Updates